Solar Power Systems and Solar Panels

Solar Power Systems and Solar Panels

The bright South African sun is an almost ever-present fixture in our lives. Why not use its warm rays to help you save on your electricity bill by installing solar panels?

Solar panels use solar energy, that’s the sun’s energy in plain English, to heat the water that goes into your geyser or swimming pool.

Using solar panels lets you save on electricity costs since the solar energy is warming up the water and not your geyser. This means you can cut electricity costs while helping the environment simply by using solar panels to assist your geyser.

Installing solar panels


Installing solar panels is fairly straight forward. You simply call The Geyser Connection and we send one of our expert plumbers to come install the solar panels for you.

Our reliable plumbers install the solar panels and heating collector on your roof and link all the pipes to where they need to go and there you have it – easy, quick and hassle free savings with your new solar panels.

The once off installation of the solar panels is done professionally and the actual solar energy apparatus is enclosed in a neat box that won’t detract from the beauty of your house.

The Geyser Connection has specialist plumbers who know solar panel systems inside out and can help you use the beautiful South African sunshine to your advantage.


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