Expert Plumbers’ Advice – How to Handle Low Water Pressure

Water pressure can vary depending on your location and there are quite a number of factors that can influence this. Knowing how to find the cause of low water pressure is essential, so that you can fix the problem and enjoy a stronger pressure throughout your property. Although most plumbers will agree that low water pressure is usually due to clogged pipes, there are other causes too, which we will briefly look at below.

Leaking pipes can cause low water pressure in your home. With leaking pipes, your water flow is restricted, causing a reduced pressure. You can start by doing a visual inspection to find any possible leaks, or even look for dampness close to your pipes. Another possible reason might be shared pipe supplies; your main water pipe that runs from the water supply might serve a number of properties, causing you to have a lower water pressure. Ask your neighbours if they are experiencing the same issue and keep in mind that even your main supply pipe might leak from time to time.

Other issues that can cause low water pressure include corroded pipes, having the wrong sized pipes, or your stop tap. Corroded pipes can restrict the flow of your water, while the wrong sized pipes might not provide enough water at a time to service your home. Your stop tap should also be fully open and it’s a simple issue to fix. It’s always useful to know where the stop tap is located on your property.

Finally, if you experience low water pressure only from your warm water supplies, it might be your water heater or your geyser, in which instance you may need a geyser replacement. It might be time to look for qualified plumbers who can verify this for you and advise you on your best course of action. Water heaters can be serviced or replaced, and the same goes for your geyser. But you can also do a few quick checks, like making sure that the shut-off valve on your water heater is fully open. If it is, it might be time to call your plumber.

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