Drainage Systems


Drainage Systems

Drainage Systems

Thunderstorms in Johannesburg, as impressive as they are, leave us with a lot of rain water to deal with. Without storm water drainage systems, all of this rain would exist as excess on the streets, in driveways, parking lots, and in places such as office parks and factories.

As you may have noticed, without proper drainage systems it would be difficult to get to work or just about anywhere else. The long and the short of it is that without proper drainage systems, we’d all be swimming out of our houses.

The Geyser Connection specializes in helping you avoid this problem. With our range of storm water drainage solutions, we can accommodate any need – whether you have limited or extensive runoff.

Here’s a diagram of how drainage systems basically work:


Our experts will be sensitive to your drainage system needs, as well as to your budget, and together we will provide a workable solution to your drainage problems, big or small.


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