Top Plumbing Tips from the Plumbing Experts – Part 1

Good old fashioned plumbing maintenance is still the best method to save on your plumbing costs and to ensure that the times when you need a plumber are far and few between. However, a few tricks here and there can help make your life, and plumbing maintenance, a lot easier. Here are a few of our top tips.

need a plumber - our top tips

To quieten a noisy sink that continually makes a hollow gonging sound when objects are placed in it, simply spray the underside, and especially the crevice between the sinks, with expanding foam. This will absorb vibration and reduce the sound the sink makes. It is best if this is done by a plumbing expert before the sink is installed but can also be done when the sink has already been installed but this may be a little messier.

Insert a drip tray underneath your geyser to prevent geyser leaks and a burst geyser causing too much damage. A drip tray is essentially a large tray that catches the water that is expelled from a burst geyser or leaking geyser. It can by no means catch all of the water, but it can help to prevent some of the damage.

To make life a little easier later on, take pictures of the inside of your walls, particularly those with pipes, when you are remodelling your home. This makes finding and working on the pipes at a later stage a lot easier.

If you have a partially blocked showerhead that is just not delivering the same flow as it used to, try this top plumbing maintenance tip. Simply place enough white vinegar to cover the showerhead in a plastic bag. Tie this bag around the showerhead using an elastic band so that the head is completely submerged. Leave overnight and voila!

need a plumber - plumbing tips

This has to be our best top tip – always know where the main water supply valve is so that you can shut it down in an emergency. Knowing this can help you save a lot of money and prevent a lot of water damage caused by time-consuming searching in an emergency situation.

For more exciting and useful plumbing tips, be sure to keep a lookout for Part 2 of our top plumbing tips.

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