The importance of connecting a geyser correctly

With winter well on its way, you’ll want to give a little more thought to that great geyser that makes the cold months bearable. You might take a hot shower or bath in the morning once you’ve risen from your warm bed into the frigid Johannesburg air for granted, but geysers are more likely to burst in winter, because the metal expands and contracts more rapidly in cold weather.

Unfortunately, it is also the most inappropriate and inconvenient time for it to happen. There are several items for plumbers to consider when we’re installing and connecting a geyser, such as the drip tray, the pressure control valve, thermostat, and isolator switch. Many plumbers take shortcuts when fitting geysers, and this can lead to bursting, and warranties not being honoured, meaning more money out of your pocket.


Having a geyser burst is just the worst, particularly when it is due to improper installation. Think of all the damage it can cause. Never mind the expense of needing to have a new one connected, but if it bursts over an area of your house where a lot of your household belongings are kept, this can cause irreparable damage and destroy treasured items with an irreplaceable sentimental value.

Unless you’re an expert, it’s better to leave the “how to connect a geyser” piece on ‘WikiHow’ alone, and rather call in professionals like us to connect your geyser correctly, or if you don’t need a new one, we’ll give yours a service to ensure that this nightmare does not happen to you this winter.

One of the great features about us is that we are experts in all aspects of plumbing, not only in installing geysers. We pride ourselves in knowing that we are the specialists in leak detection in Johannesburg, and are the authorities in plumbing in South Africa. We’ve also got the know-how you need in drainage, solar panels, heat pumps and blocked drains.

If you’ve got a plumbing emergency, we are on call at all hours of the day because we know that plumbing waits for no man, and understand the horror that a burst pipe, with water deluging everywhere you look, can cause.

If you need a new geyser installed or require any of our other numerous services, give us a call, or, because we love to make your life easier, you can send us an inquiry online on our website too.

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