Save Water with These Leak Detection Tips


Undetected leaks can have a massive impact on your water usage bill and can also prove even more costly if not fixed as soon as possible. Here are some leak detection tips that will save you some money and avoid further damage to your property, not to mention the positive impact water conservation will have on the environment.

Pools and Spas:

  • Check whether you have loose tiles or cracks around the pool, this might be caused by a leakage.
  • Soggy or constantly wet ground around the pool also indicates a leak.
  • A leak prevents constant and even water levels which has an impact on water chemistry which gives you poor water quality issues. Instead of changing the brand of chlorine you use do a leak detection.

Water Appliances:

  • A lot of household appliances use water to operate. Think dishwashers, fridges, ice-makers, washing machines and even water filters. Make sure there are not water stains beneath or around these items. Even minor leakages can have a long lasting effect on your usage bill.

Toilet Leaks:

  • Toilet leaks are very difficult to detect and can have a major impact on your water bill. Leaks usually occur when flushing mechanisms are faulty or worn out and need replacement.
  • Most leaks occur if the overflow valve is worn or if the plunger ball is leaking.
  • Most toilet facilities have a shut off valve below the tank and should be switched off until repairs can be made.


  • Taps are the easiest and most inexpensive to repair, but if it goes unchecked can ruin your bathroom. Make sure you get the right fittings and save yourself some extra bucks this month.

Some leaks are more difficult to detect than others, for some it takes experience to pick up where the problem actually is and how to fix it. Leak detection is great way to avoid any nasty surprises that can cause damage to your home or wallet.

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