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Emergency Plumbers in Sandton

There are plenty of emergency plumbers in Sandton who claim they will come out to attend to emergencies 24/7. However, few of them actually deliver on their promises.

Whether it is at home or at the office, it is inevitable that we will all have to deal with plumbing emergencies at several points in our lives. This is because our plumbing is not made to last forever.

Pipes can take a great deal of strain, and through bad installation, or sometimes purely through wear and tear and ageing, our pipes can burst. Unfortunately, winter is often a time where this strain on plumbing is compounded due to expansion and contraction of pipes which is a result of the weather.

Imagine you're working late on a Friday night, and you're the only one at your office in Sandton. Suddenly, you hear a noise that sounds like the roof may be collapsing, followed shortly by the sound of water gushing. You follow the sound to find that the geyser for the bathroom has burst, and it is pouring over desks and electrical equipment. This is, in no way, your fault. However, as you are the only person there, it is your responsibility to get it sorted out as quickly as possible.

This is literally, a nightmare that is only compounded by calling several plumbers who don't actually mean it when they say they operate 24/7. This is where The Geyser Connection comes in. We mean what we say and we deliver on our promises. We will attend to any plumbing emergency, any time.

If you have a plumbing emergency in the Sandton area, give us a call on 082 850 1235, or fill out the contact form on our website and we'll call you back urgently. Be a hero, and call us to sort out your plumbing emergencies!

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