Burst Geyser Solutions

The burst geyser – most of us have been there before.

You are awakened in the middle of the night by the diabolical hishing and drip drip dripping of some unbeknownst disaster hidden under the cover of night, until you switch on your bed lamp of course. Then the artificial light reveals the all too real disaster happening in the midst of your hearth and home.

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Blocked drains are one of life’s most awful inconveniences (not that there are pleasant inconveniences, it’s just that blocked drains are particularly bad). If you’ve ever experienced this situation, you know that your space and your house will be invaded by the ‘water’ you thought you were rid of forever. Now it’s back. Circling your ankles. Like some kind of horror movie monster.

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A blocked drain is an annoying problem that every household experiences at one stage or another.

Sometimes a blocked drain can be fixed with a little DIY but often it should be handled by a professional plumber. Knowing the cause of a blocked drain will help you to make a decision about whether to call in a plumber or to try to fix the problem yourself.

Below are the most common causes for a blocked drain both indoors and outdoors.

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