Handy plumbing repair or plumbing maintenance tips always come in handy and can often save you a visit from a plumbing company. Here are a few of our favourite tips from your favourite plumbers, The Geyser Connection.

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Good old fashioned plumbing maintenance is still the best method to save on your plumbing costs and to ensure that the times when you need a plumber are far and few between. However, a few tricks here and there can help make your life, and plumbing maintenance, a lot easier. Here are a few of our top tips.

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The average household consumes a lot of hot water on a daily basis for things like washing hands, doing laundry, doing dishes, showering and bathing. The price tag attached to hot water, especially with South Africa’s rising electricity costs, is quite steep and many people are looking for a money saving alternative like solar power.

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The geyser is the number one consumer of electricity in most households, sometimes using up to 60 percent of the total bill depending on the type of geyser and its usage.

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The news around us is filled with information on saving energy and it’s a growing industry in South Africa with many consultants and geyser control units entering the market. Added to this is the rising cost of electricity which is creating a high demand for energy efficient products where households and businesses can manage their own consumption.

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We’ve all seen how flash floods and stormy weather can cause a lot of damage in just a few minutes. A lot of damage can be avoided if proper drainage systems are in place. Sometimes the damage is unavoidable but it can be lessened to some extent by taking the proper precautions.


Drainage systems like storm drains and roof drains are invaluable when there is a cloud burst or sudden downpour. Having them maintained should be a top priority especially in areas that experience a lot of inclement weather.


drainage system outlet


Storm drains can be you and your property’s lifeline when the natural disasters strike. Having your run offs in the correct areas of your property can be the difference between being a homeowner and homeless when nature takes its toll. We’ve all seen the images of water levels rapidly rising and sweeping cars down the road. Making sure that not only you but also your neighbors draining systems are all working and functioning correctly could give you ease of mind when those thunderous storms come over whilst you are still at work or stuck in traffic.


Plumbers aren’t only there to fix, repair and install but also provide expert advice in how your drainage systems should work, as well as being on standby should you experience an emergency like a flooding in your area.


rainy day drainage system

Automated home systems are quickly becoming something that is more ‘must-have’ than a luxury reserved for the wealthy. Through innovative technology we are able to have so much more input in how are lives are being run; having this control is a comfortable notion, a comfort usually associated with luxury.
This luxury has however turned more into a necessity with the rising costs of water and electricity. The ability to remotely control or setup how our plumbing works can be beneficial to any home owner. Automated home plumbing includes geyser timing, garden irrigation, swimming pool pumps and solar power heating/ heat pumps. Having control over these plumbing systems enables home owners to time their usage more effectively and efficiently making a drastic impact on their monthly account.


Professional Automated Home Plumbing

plumbing remotely
Investing in an automated system might sound like an unnecessary expense, but once you see the difference it makes you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. With the advancements in technology it is really amazing what can be done with the simple touch of a button.
That button might give you a lot of functionality but it won’t be able to help you fix things when they go wrong. From burst geysers to leaking swimming pools or pipes to blocked drains. Automated home systems might be able to pick up these faults, but they won’t be able to repair them. As bright and innovative the technology is we will always need someone to go and clean up after it.

South Africa produces more greenhouses gasses than any other country in Africa despite the fact that it has the ideal weather conditions to support solar electricity devices such as solar geysers.

Solar Geysers Johannesburg

Clean energy is on the grow in South Africa with a 20 000% annual spend increase which amounts to around $5.5 billion of which $4.3 billion is spent on solar energy primarily solar geyser installation. Despite these impressive numbers, 85% of South Africa’s electricity is still produced from coal-fired power plants.

Private households can help alleviate the pressure placed on the electricity grid by installing solar panels and using solar geysers but the problem is that it is not profitable for municipalities to promote this option. Municipalities buy electricity from Eskom and then mark up the price to generate a profit. This profit is calculated into the annual budget and therefore it is not desirable for them to allow private households to sell electricity back to the electricity grid.

With this in mind, if a significant shift towards clean electricity were to be made, it would have to come from the government’s side. SA does have plans in place to spend approximately $5 billion on implementing sustainable clean energy and France has loaned South Africa €100 000 to help with this endeavour but whether this will bear fruit remains to be seen.

The onus to protect the environment falls to the average South African who must try to conserve energy by using solar geysers, Johannesburg especially since it has a particularly high usage of electricity.  If you would like to do a solar geyser installation in Johannesburg to help save energy in South Africa, The Geyser Connection should be your first choice.


Undetected leaks can have a massive impact on your water usage bill and can also prove even more costly if not fixed as soon as possible. Here are some leak detection tips that will save you some money and avoid further damage to your property, not to mention the positive impact water conservation will have on the environment.

Pools and Spas:

  • Check whether you have loose tiles or cracks around the pool, this might be caused by a leakage.
  • Soggy or constantly wet ground around the pool also indicates a leak.
  • A leak prevents constant and even water levels which has an impact on water chemistry which gives you poor water quality issues. Instead of changing the brand of chlorine you use do a leak detection.

Water Appliances:

  • A lot of household appliances use water to operate. Think dishwashers, fridges, ice-makers, washing machines and even water filters. Make sure there are not water stains beneath or around these items. Even minor leakages can have a long lasting effect on your usage bill.

Toilet Leaks:

  • Toilet leaks are very difficult to detect and can have a major impact on your water bill. Leaks usually occur when flushing mechanisms are faulty or worn out and need replacement.
  • Most leaks occur if the overflow valve is worn or if the plunger ball is leaking.
  • Most toilet facilities have a shut off valve below the tank and should be switched off until repairs can be made.


  • Taps are the easiest and most inexpensive to repair, but if it goes unchecked can ruin your bathroom. Make sure you get the right fittings and save yourself some extra bucks this month.

Some leaks are more difficult to detect than others, for some it takes experience to pick up where the problem actually is and how to fix it. Leak detection is great way to avoid any nasty surprises that can cause damage to your home or wallet.

plumbing nightmare

We have all been in situations where we had to do some emergency plumbing, even if it was just to keep everything in working order until a professional plumber arrived. In the process we decide that the temporary fix works well enough and use the money we saved on plumbing services for something else. This hap hazardous approach could end up costing much more than what you initially bargained for.

There are a lot of MacGuyvers out there that can fix almost anything with blue wire and superglue, but those fixes can end up costing a lot of money.

Sure our ingenuity is limitless, and the ‘why fix something that ain’t broke’ principle is valid, but there are however standards that should be upheld, and that your DIY fix should be accountable towards. If you want to avoid the wrath of insurance brokers, property investors and caretakers, rather make use of a professional plumbing company to help you get a permanent fix.

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